Catalogue Symbols

l.gif We offer a range of instruments specially designed for those of our clients who are mostly left-handed. These products have one of their handles tinted in black.
t.gif Titanium is a very strong and resistant metal. It's half lighter than steel It supports high temperatures up to 400°C. You can need it if you are looking for a non-magnetic instrument, a very light one or if you have to work with a corrosive substance. These products are tinted in blue. Look for the T sign to locate them in the catalogue.
sc.gif If you see a SC sign beside a pair of scissors it means they are "Super Cut" ones. One of their cutting surfaces is much more resistant and more sharper than the other. They have one of their handles tinted in gold.
tc.gif If you use your instruments in a very intensive way you may try BioTek Tungsten Carbide instruments. This special alloy, one of the hardest, will make the working surfaces of your instruments last up to five times longer comparing to normal performances of a steel instrument. These products are presented with the TC symbol.
new.gif The Catalogue is regularly updated. The New instruments will be easily recognisable with this symbol.
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